Closer to short films than traditional music videos, The Modern Electric wrote and directed a music video a month for a year. Enjoy a whole album’s worth of binging.

Includes: All We Have Is Now, When All Else Fails, The Wait, and Great Expectations


Behind the scenes is where the band gets loose and lets their guard down. As close as it gets to a backstage pass; this is how it feels to hang out with The Modern Electric.

Includes: Making of the music videos documentary series


There is nothing like being at a Modern Electric live show! Some of these explosive performances have been captured on camera to give you a taste of the excitement.

See stripped-down, intimate performances of ‘All We Have Is Now’ and ‘The Summer of Lou Reed’ from inside the tour van.

Includes: Live acoustic performances

Explore everything from Demos of new songs to parodies of QVC Commercials.
Not to mention the Lyrics videos, Interviews, Trailers, Promos – there is enough Modern Electric footage
here for hours of binge-watching.