Music Videos

Closer to short films than traditional music videos, The Modern Electric wrote and directed a music video a month for a year. Enjoy a whole album’s worth of binging.

Includes: All We Have Is Now, When All Else Fails, The Wait, and Great Expectations



There is nothing like being at a Modern Electric live show! Some of these explosive performances have been captured on camera to give you a taste of the excitement.

See stripped-down, intimate performances of ‘All We Have Is Now’ and ‘The Summer of Lou Reed’ from inside the tour van.

Includes: Live acoustic performances


Documentary Series

Behind the scenes is where the band gets loose and lets their guard down. As close as it gets to a backstage pass; this is how it feels to hang out with The Modern Electric.

Includes: Making of the music videos


Explore everything from Demos of new songs to parodies of QVC Commercials.
Not to mention the Lyrics videos, Interviews, Trailers, Promos – there is enough Modern Electric footage
here for hours of binge-watching.